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    Can openvpn properly handle VPN access?

    Currently having FC21, all updates, and going on the internet by wireless
    Having GNOME as desktop

    I have a paid VPN service as well.

    On this very moment the wired/wireless icon shows a question mark
    and next to it the VPN icon showing a trying to connect icon.

    However, everything is working as it should, and i am truelly having the IP from the VPN service.

    So therefore, my question is, is there i akind of bug in openvpn or in an other package?

    on this picture the wireless icon is showed, but in my situation it' s a question mark
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    Re: Can openvpn properly handle VPN access?

    So if it's working the issue seems to be in the NetworkManager applet. I'm not very familiar with NetworkManager, but if you are getting the connection, it would seem the problem is not in the openvpn package.

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    Re: Can openvpn properly handle VPN access?

    I use the NetworkManager with OpenVPN. No issues here. But I use mate-desktop. But I would assume it to be a bug in Gnome-control-center.
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