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    Angry FC2 install abort after first RPM transaction failure!!

    Hi there, (Excuse my funny english...)

    I am not used to complain about Community distros like Mandrake; Fedora; Slack or whatever I have tried.

    What I am used though is that ( like Mandrake ) when rpm failure occurs, they are enough smart to have given the option to continue the installation anyway or abort. This option let me at least to judge by myself if the error is important enough to restart the installtion, or if it is a rpm such as "divx-video-plugin...rpm" failure, then it is certainly NOT a serious installation failure!!!!

    Thus my complain is that Fedora Core2 and 1- Anaconda or whatever controls the flow of installation logic/failure, the no-brain one @Fedora forgot to "program" the option to let user to decide to continue installation anyway or to abort it...

    It tooks two WEEKS to get a PERFECT media write ( a DVD ) to finally install PERFECTLY Fedora Core 2 on my P4.

    ....Not talking on missing keyboard layouts in X ( gnome and kde)...

    FC2 is not as good as FC1... and nothing to do with kernel 2.6.x..

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    I had a prob with FC!, where a disk got accidentally damaged during installation, and so i had to get a new copy befoer i could complete installation.

    I agree that for non critical apps, there should be an option to ignore.

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    I agree there should be a " Skip Package " button.

    I wanted this redhat 8.0 :P

    Jeffrey Eaton - jeffa@isonet.com.au
    Mobile: +61409378202

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    mcstayinskool Guest


    I've been running into the same issue for > 1 week now, and it's very, very frustrating. I'm going to open a separate thread on my problem, but FWIW, I feel your pain.

    Wasn't it Micro$oft that invented the "Click 'OK' to reboot" dialog box? I cannot believe there isn't a continue button in the FC2 installer when an RPM fails. I've never felt so patronized by something Linux-oriented.

    Maybe my CD drive isn't reading an RPM correctly, but what do I care if I get aspell installed properly? Just tell me about it and I'll install it later. Put a message up that says "if you continue, all bets are off". Whatever. JUST DON'T MAKE ME REBOOT.

    okay, I feel better now

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    After the troubles I had installing, I'd have to say that I agree with some of these comments:

    a) Installation needs a "skip package" button

    b) If the computer reboots, I'd like it to ask me first and tell me why it is rebooting, even if it only gives me debug info.

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    you can make a new bug if there isn't allready on this problem. It might help.

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    mcstayinskool Guest
    excellent suggestion. there was a bug open, and I added to it.



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