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    Unhappy How do I format a FAT so it can be read in Fedora?


    I recently just installed fedora on my computer and have now just addded an extra hard drive for one purpose, to share it on my windows network.

    The new drive (I think) does not appear in linux as it is either FAT16/32/NTFS, I would like to format the whole thing and make it readable by fedora so that I can use Samba and share the whole drive for my two windows computers.

    I have only formated hard drives into FAT or NTFS in dos (fdisk), except I do not think I use that to do it for fedora.

    Can someone please give me a newbie answer on how I undergo this, and what software I will need, I still have the four cd's from the install.


    PS I do not want to format my other hard drive with fedora installed.

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    Assuming it is your Primary Slave device (/dev/hdb)

    Create a few primary partitions on it using "fdisk /dev/hdb"
    "n"ew, "d"elete, "t"type (to change partition types, IE fat32, linux, etc), "p"rint "q"uit (WITHOUT saving changes), "w"rite (DOES save changes)

    When you are done simple "mkfs -t ext3 /dev/hdb3" (mkfs means format "-t ext3" means as a linux filesystem "/dev/hdb3" means do this to the primary slave's third partition). If you dual boot between windows and Linux, I suggest setting one partition up as "FAT32" to share files between the two OS's.

    "/dev/hdc" is Secondary master
    "/dev/hdd" is Secondary slave

    Then you just create a "mountpoint" (nothing more than a directory) "mkdir /file_share" and then "mount /dev/hdb3 /file_share" and the partition is now "mounted" and ready for use.

    Until the next reboot that is

    But, there's an easy way to have it automatically mounted every time you boot Linux, automatically!

    just edit "/etc/fstab" and add a line
    "/dev/hdb3 /file_share ext3 defaults 0 0"

    save the file, and you are done!
    (repeat as needed)
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    There's a program almost identical as Partition Magic and it's a more GUI based environment. Maybe it become handy for you. The program is called gtparted and you can install it using yum.
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    Thanks, I did what you said, however the hard drive I added was SCSI so instead of hdc I put sda. Thanks again james in denver for helping me.

    Sorry artemis I have already formatted and repartioned the druve so will not be needing this program, except will keep in mind if I ever need to do this again.

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