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    @ enet cards, how to force Firefox to use one, but still listen on the other

    I have 2 enet interfaces in my fedora 20 machine. One is connected to a fixed IP, which I can use to log into the computer (SSH) , and also listen wit httpd for my home web page. However it is pretty slow. I also have the other card on the internal network, 198... etc., which can also access the internet, and which access is much faster.

    How can I force firefox to use the faster interface, without turning off the 1st card from listen to and responding to incoming internet pings, etc.

    I tried setting DEFROUTE =no in the first card's network-script file, which left the other as default, and fixed the firefox problem, but then the first card was deaf on the internet.


    Old F7 & F11 machines gone.
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    Asus Intel Q77 MB - mATX, Intel Core i5-3570K.
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    Re: @ enet cards, how to force Firefox to use one, but still listen on the other


    You can do that by launching firefox with a specific group using 'sg'. Then you can make an iptables rule that will route firefox based on that special group ID, first by marking the packets, then filtering/routing on the mark.

    You should be able to get some ideas here:
    and here:

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    Re: @ enet cards, how to force Firefox to use one, but still listen on the other

    Shouldn't you be able to config apache to use the secondary eth?

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