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    Thinkpad X1 Carbon Touch won't wake from sleep

    I'm having an issue with my new Thinkpad. Its the 2014 X1 Carbon Touch, the one with the adaptive keyboard. I've got Fedora 20 installed, along with the Intel Driver Installer. If I let this machine go to sleep in any way, close the lid, from menu, or from being idle, it never wakes up. It gets into a state where the light on the power button is blinking steady and slow, and hitting either the power button or keys or the mouse does nothing to wake it. The only thing that breaks it out of that state is holding the power button until it shuts off completely, then full boot up. Unfortunately, Windows seems to put this machine to sleep just fine, so its not the hardware.

    Because I have to power it off to get it out of this state, anything in dmesg is lost. I've made sure my video driver is up to date, I have read about other people fixing problems with the video driver. I'm not sure where to look at this point. Has anyone else had similar problems on other laptops? Has anyone fixed them? Thanks.

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    Re: Thinkpad X1 Carbon Touch won't wake from sleep

    Next time it happends, just to see if it really is awake, hit the brightness button to try and turn the brighness up all the way. Im having simular issue with my lenovo flex ultrabook and I found that when it wakes up the brighness is just turned down all the way. I havent found a fix for it yet......
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    Re: Thinkpad X1 Carbon Touch won't wake from sleep

    Nah, its still definitely in sleep mode, as the power light is still doing the slow blink. Also the brightness key on this model of thinkpad is on the adaptive key strip, which is currently non-functional in linux.

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    Re: Thinkpad X1 Carbon Touch won't wake from sleep

    @jsadusk, I have the same laptop and not sure if you've fixed this already, updating the bios to 1.14 fixed this issue for me ( )

    Althought updating the bios helps waking up from sleep as expected, the adaptive keyboard goes blank for me. From what I see, there is a patch for it already but still isn't pulled upstream

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