Disable gnome Activities animations interferes with Dash
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    Dash interferes with disabling gnome Activities animations

    Due to the cluster. with image tearing on Linux desktops (mostly on Intel graphics) the official dconf option to disable all Gnome Shall animations was a godsend. It goes like this (terminal):
    gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface enable-animations "false"
    And that's it. All animations are gone! You can also use the dconf GUI to set the option by following the path, i.e. org>gnome>desktop...

    The problem is the Activities animation still happens in two steps. It's ~0.2 seconds instead of instant and the two steps are distinct. It also looks like the 'stepping' involves the Dash.

    Any ideas?

    PS. High five to the face for intel and mutter devs!
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