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    How does Fedora 20 handle LUKS keys?

    I want to install Fedora 20 on encrypted partitions. I have 2 drives in a RAID1 and another 3 drives that contain encrypted partitions which are parts of a singe logical volume.

    (sda + sdb) --> RAID1 --> LUKS --> ext4
    sdc + sdd + sdf --> LUKS + LUKS + LUKS -> LVM -> ext4

    At the moment every partition has a seperate LUKS passphrase. I want to only enter one passphrase during boot. I didn't find any information on how the current fedora release manages encryption.

    1. Can fedora handle different passphrases?
    2. Should I set a common passphrase for all partitions?
    3. Should I try to setup all the partitions during installation or is there an easy way to add encrypted partitions later?

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    Re: How does Fedora 20 handle LUKS keys?

    I partly found the solution myself. I manually added the same passphrase to all partitions and Fedora 20 opens all LUKS partitions after entering the passphrase once.

    1. Unverified assumption: There is no key manegement on fedoras side. It tries to open LUKS partition with the entered passphrase until it is not accepted and then asks for the next passphrase.
    2. Yes. It is then automatically reused for all the following LUKS partitions.
    3. No need to do it during installation. Adding the partitions in /etc/crypttab after installation is enough. The UUIDs of the partitions can be retrieved in /dev/disk/by-uuid/. The logical volume is automatically assembled. Only an entry in /etc/fstab to mount the logical volule is necessary.

    I leave this "unsolved" because the first answer is only an assumption.

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