Fedora 20 Samba 4.1 AD DC howto?
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    Fedora 20 Samba 4.1 AD DC howto?

    I went here and started
    I installed samba with
    yum install samba-dc*
    Then I tried Provisioning samba but I can not find the samba-tool command

    find / -name samba-tool
    turns up nothing.

    Do I have to compile it all myself in order to follow the instructions?

    Why doesn't samba-dc come with it? What is samba-dc for if not to start an active directory?

    ----Maybe the answer---
    I did
    repoquery -lq samba-dc
    it showed
    so I did
    less /usr/share/doc/samba-dc/README.dc
    and here is what it says
    MIT Kerberos 5 Support

    Fedora is using MIT Kerberos implementation as its Kerberos infrastructure of
    choice. The Samba build in Fedora is using MIT Kerberos implementation in order
    to allow system-wide interoperability between both desktop and server
    applications running on the same machine.

    At the moment the Samba Active Directory Domain Controller implementation is
    not available with MIT Kereberos. FreeIPA and Samba Team members are currently
    working on Samba MIT Kerberos support as this is a requirement for a GNU/Linux
    distribution integration of Samba AD DC features.

    We have just finished migrating the file server and all client utilities to MIT
    Kerberos. The result of this work is available in samba-* packages in Fedora.
    We'll provide Samba AD DC functionality as soon as its support of MIT Kerberos
    KDC will be ready.

    In case of further questions do not hesitate to send your inquiries to
    Anyone have any suggestions on how I can work around this?

    here is my current thought.

    I think I want to create a vm specifically for a DC. Does any linux distro come with samba 4.1 compiled with its own kerberos?

    Update: 2016-04-26

    Look for AD DC capabilities in samba 4.5.x maybe when fedora 25 comes around.
    I have been following this and it looks like they have it compiling with patches for the MIT kerberos. Looks like they have a few more bugs to work out but it is getting close.
    Here are some packages I found https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/co...n/samba_ad_dc/
    I found it from Alexander Bokovoy https://plus.google.com/u/1/+AlexanderBokovoy/posts
    He posted something a while back on the samba forums.
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