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    Force video output on headless server


    I have a server which runs headless most of the time which I'd like to have a desktop I can VNC into (I run xbmc) but since there aren't any displays connected most of the time, no desktop gets created at boot, so I can't VNC in or run xbmc.

    Now in the past I've used the vesa driver, but I'd really like to be able to use the radeon driver (it's an AMD E-350 based system) so I can have accelerated graphics when I really do have a monitor connected.

    All of that to say, can I force the radeon driver to always output over an interface (HDMI for example) even when there isn't anything connected? And if so, how?


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    Re: Force video output on headless server

    Try to built yourself a vga dummy dongle like this ---> https://www.google.com/search?q=vga+dummy+dongle

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    Re: Force video output on headless server

    Why not use ssh with X forwarding? Then you need not run anything on the server.

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    Re: Force video output on headless server

    Fair comments from previous posters. The VGA dummy approach doesn't work with my particular hardware for some reason, probably because it can't get any EDID info from a passive connector.

    Running over ssh -X isn't an option as I use the server as an xbmc box connected to my HiFi and control it using the web interface. Also in a few months I'll be using the server as my primary video player connected to a projector (which will be turned off the majority of the time, so the problem is likely to persist).

    Anyone have a similar setup and solution?

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