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    Question nVidia Driver Question

    A general hardware question regarding the nVidia driver and FC3.

    Does the installation of the nVidia driver vs. the generic driver make a difference? Since I am not a gamer, but occasionally view media, I didn't know if the driver made a speed or a performance difference.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    CPU: Dual Xeon 2.8 GHz
    Motherboard: SuperMicro X5DAL-TG2
    Memory: 1 GB ECC DDR-266 (PC2100)
    Storage: Maxtor 120 GB SATA, WD 80 GB SATA, WD 80 IDE, 36 GB IBM U320 SCSI
    Optical: Yamaha CRW-F1, Sony RW DRU-700A, Pioneer DVD-305S
    Video: Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 (Generic driver)
    Sound: Creative SB Live! Platinum
    OS: Fedora Core 3 (2.6.9-1.681_FC3smp) and Windows XP Professional SP2

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    I had FC2 and it work fine with nVIDIA Driver .
    Now I have FC3 and I can't install nVIDIA Driver and i download the last one for kernel-2.6.9 but it give me error there is now kernel interface do u want download from ftp:/download.nvidia.com
    I download the gcc, nVIDIA-kernel and nVIDIA-GLX (rpm package) and install them on my system but it still give me error (the nVIDIA Driver will uninstall the nVIDIA Kernel and GLX)
    i thought that we should download Kernel (Full package) from Fedora Download Server and install

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    Just grab the NVIDIA-installer*.run and run it from init 3.
    It will solve all your issues.

    BTW it's _supposed_ to compile a custom kernel driver interface and to replace GL* libraries.

    After that you'll have problems with devices permissions, missing devices upon reboot, etc. these are easy to fix, but it's another story

    ops, everything is discussed here:
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