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    Question Bootdisk after FC2 Installation

    Hello together,
    I installed FC2 and damaged my MBR, but if I boot my WIN2K CD and type FIXMBR I can't boot up my FC2.
    So I decided to make a Bootdisk for FC2.
    But my problem is, I don't know how to make a bootdisk.
    Can anyone tell me how to make a Bootdisk after the Installation of FC2.

    Yeah, I know, my english is not so good. Sorry for that. ;-)

    El Greco

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    Niz Guest
    You don't need to make a boot floppy.

    When you ran FIXMBR it wrote over the GRUB MBR with a Windows one.

    Boot from the FC2 CD to get back into Linux, then either repair the installation or just reinstall the GRUB MBR from there.

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    Confused Guest
    Originally posted by Niz
    ... reinstall the GRUB MBR from there.

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    hello again ....

    thx for your help but my problem is that i can not Boot Windows and can not boot Linux when I run FIXMBR because my MBR is damaged.
    I am thinking about copying all Important Data (like Mp3 or Movies ;-)) to my FC2 Harddisk and format my WIN2K Harddisk with "Powermax" from Maxtor. (I have 2 HDs one with FC2 and the primary with WIN2K).
    But if I do this then I can't boot my Linux anymore without a Bootdisk. So my question is : How do I create a Bootdisk with FC2 to install Grub on it. Because I don't want to install Grub on my MBR anymore to avoid the problems that it causes.

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    Tashiro Guest

    Have you tried the FC2 rescue disk??


    Here you can download the iso, to burn the cd. I don't know much too, but in FC1 i was prompted to make a bootdisk. In FC2 i wasn't so i guess a bootdisk is out of the question. Unless you build it manual or search it on the internet.

    Good luck!!

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    Niz Guest
    OK here's what I meant:

    1) run FIXMBR so that you can boot from windows (only).

    2) Make sure that your bios is set so that the boot order has your CD Drive before your hard drive.

    3) Insert the first FC2 CD into the CD drive and reset the computer, so that it will boot FROM THE CD into linux.

    4) hen booting from the CD it gives you the option to repair/upgrade an existing installation. You need to get it to reinstall the GRUB MBR, which should then give you the option of booting into windows or linux next time you reboot. If the repair option doesn't do it, then get to a command prompt and do it manually by running grub.

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