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    cinnamon menu off the screen

    I like cinnamon more than the Gnome 3 desktop but there is a huge drawback that on my HP mini the menu box that opens with all the stuff in it is bigger than the screen and so there are things off screen that are un-clickable. I tried other themes for 1.6 but nothing.
    measuring the screen itself I would say that it's proportion is 1024x581 as opposed to 1024x600 so I don't know if that is the problem.
    So the question is
    1: is there some way to make the menu window fit ?
    2: is there a way to get 3 columns in the menu instead of 2 ?
    3: what's the way to fiddle with the screen sizes these days ?
    ok I changed the screen to 1024x580 via this information https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php...ed_resolutions
    and I have a little black border around the desktop but the menu popout thing still goes past the physical screen.

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