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    Mouse freezes on return from sleep

    FC18, KDE spin, Lenovo Thinkpad E520, all current patches. Using embedded mouse-pad, no external mouse.

    Sometimes, but not always, after returning from a time-out sleep, the mouse cursor is frozen. The keyboard works normally. I can alt-tab between windows, and since I normally keep a Konsole window open, I can issue a reboot from there.

    1) Any idea what causes this?
    2) Is there a way to restore the mouse without having to restart anything?
    3) Is there a way to restart X without having to reboot? CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE does not work as it did years ago.


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    Re: Mouse freezes on return from sleep

    If it is a wired mouse, try unplugging it and replugging. Sometimes it's a big in the mother board bios and sometimes it's the.mouse chip.I have a similar problem with my keyboard. The unplug/replugging should do the job.

    Rarely with a wireless mouse is it a problem.
    By the way, our local Dollarama store sells a wireless mouse for four dollars,. They work great and are as good or better than a $20.00 BIg box store one. Check around your local dollar store. (Even their HDMI cables work great.)
    Leslie in Montreal

    Interesting web sites list

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    Re: Mouse freezes on return from sleep

    "Using embedded mouse-pad,"
    and I hope it's not F18, but F28 right ?

    question, are you on wayland ? or xorg ?
    and CTRL-ALT-F4 (does it show console login?) , and back into GUI with CTRL-ALT-F1 , does it unstick it ?
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    Re: Mouse freezes on return from sleep

    I have had problems with the cursor freezing when I wake up my system from suspend. I found that before I suspend my machine, I need to make sure I have no usb drives plugged in.

    I agree with Bobx001 -- there really is no good reason for having such an old version of Fedora (if you indeed have Fedora 18); with Fedora 18 or any version older than about 1 year you get no security updates, creating a dangerous situation (or a nice situation for hackers) whenever you are connected to the internet.

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    Re: Mouse freezes on return from sleep

    I think the Fedora 18 was just fine at the time this thread was created 2013...

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    Re: Mouse freezes on return from sleep

    thread closed, remember to read the date and time of posts

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