fedora 14...why end of life?
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    Thumbs up fedora 14...why end of life?

    when it works perfectly for me out of the box. I have a low ram (512 minus dedicated 128 mb for graphics leaving only 384 mb) and the newer versions of Fedora run slow on this system due to low ram. I wish we could keep security updates for EOL versions so that folks like me, who can't really afford newer systems or more ram, can operate without fear of security problems. I use the firewall and only use clamav for usb files and stuff that was downloaded from a win environment. I have an HP Pavilion DV5210US Entertainment Notebook and this is the only version that works with the b4318 wlan right out of the box. I will continue to use F14 as long as it doesn't cause me major problems with respect to security.

    Unlike Microsoft, who continually tries to cram everything into one distro, I believe we may wish to concentrate a bit more on dedicated systems for individiual device use. Just my opinion.

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    Re: fedora 14...why end of life?

    Remember that Fedora is a community distribution, and one aimed at the bleeding-edge.

    Maintaining old code-bases, even if only to back-port security patches, is a time-consuming and thankless job. Even if developers were willing to do that voluntarily, it’d detract from the time that could be spent working on new versions. Providing long-term support is a job for people paid by a company with interest in doing so.

    In the case of Fedora, that company of course is Red Hat. If you don’t want to spend money on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, there are free (and legal) clones – CentOS and Scientific Linux. These three “Enterprise” distributions can be thought of as Fedora LTS releases if you like.

    I really wouldn’t advise sticking with an out-of-support release on a machine connected to the Internet, but your call I guess. At least install the latest browser versions etc., though you will have to download them from Mozilla rather than the Fedora repositories.

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    Re: fedora 14...why end of life?

    I recently try CentOS 6.4... me like it....

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    Re: fedora 14...why end of life?

    It's a fact of life that developers want to work on the new, not the old, unless they're paid to work on the old.

    CentOS is about the same vintage as F14, and is supported. Research it before jumping in. Codexes, contemporary browsers, etc., are available from indy repos. But, you need to be careful about mixing and matching those repos. I had success using the EPEL repo and the "Nux dextop" repo. (Google that.)

    The if-not-true-then-false.com site has a collection of useful howto's and install recipes.

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    Re: fedora 14...why end of life?

    It's more than possible to run modern Fedora on hardware with 384MB of RAM. I have a machine I do that with myself. Granted, it runs 17, but 19 RC/Beta/Alpha seems to have no significantly greater requirements. Fedora 18 was too buggy, so I skipped it. I use XFCE 4 and the SLiM login manager, but lightdm will be fine too. Yes, it is a little sluggish, but it's definitely usable. Running GNOME 3 on such hardware however, is not going to end well. Good luck!

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