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    Oct 2015
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    Re: Got something good to say? ...

    Another Successful dnf upgrade! 25 -> 26 went very smoothly... just had a few KDE configs to update...

    Thanks to all the developers and all the hard work they do!

    Been using Fedora since tthe beginning and it just keeps getting better!

    Thanks again!


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    Dec 2009

    Re: Got something good to say? ...

    I did one last evening. Worked perfect.

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    Aug 2011
    North Carolina

    Thumbs up Re: Got something good to say? ...

    Continuing to enjoy vanilla Fedora Workstation with Google Chrome added.

    Does everything! Nice to have my main computer reliable, easy to use and maintain. And functions seamlessly with my Google phone & tablet.

    As far as upgrading annually, don't believe it gets any easier than net install, hit a few buttons, and then a few minutes later - off and running.

    Thanks to all on this forum, redhat, and of course fedora.org
    On quest for blue smoke and red rings...

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    Mar 2011

    Re: Got something good to say? ...

    Just did two upgrades using dnf. 26 -> 27 (pre-release).

    Took about an hour on a system with HDD and about 35 min on a system with SSD!

    No issues! Very happy.
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    Oct 2017

    Re: Got something good to say? ...

    great distro.

    i am using it ever since FC1.
    I have installed it on a dell laptop. Recently i replaced a bad battery, and the HDD for a 1Tb WD-RED.
    I can use the laptop for the next years without issue' s.

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    Re: Got something good to say? ...

    I have been testing Fedora 27 since August. It is going to be the best release ever.

    Thank you developers, architects, programmers, software engineers, writers and quality control people. If I forget any group or individual, thank you, thank you, thank you all.
    Leslie in Montreal

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