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    Fedora 13 new (first) install, can't log on.

    This is my first post here after my first install of ver 13 from a Linux Central disk. I hope I am in the right place. The install would not let me install without a user name so I interred one along with a password and upon completion I cannot log in. Searches here have produced nothing that I can identify as and answer to this problem. I notice a lot of Linux jargon I don't understand in the hits so minimal Linux speak please.

    Thanks in advanced, Ron (noob)

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    Re: Fedora 13 new (first) install, can't log on.

    Moved to EOL (End Of Life).

    Morning, Ron.

    It's going to be a little tough to answer much without using the lexicon of Linux.

    First, the version you are installing is ancient by fedora Linux terms. The current release is F-18, and you're dealing with F13. There have been many changes in hardware support alone. F13 is no longer updated with security updates either. That being said, F13 was a fine release!

    Some initial pointers might help. This is a good place to start. http://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/...Release_Notes/

    During the install process you entered the root password. That's the over all system administrator's password. It lets you do system wide adjustments that may harm the entire system. When you start the new system for the first time (reboot) you will be asked to set up a user account. That's the one you will be using on a daily basis. the two are not the same. I strongly discourage attempting to run as root (using the root account) for normal usage. The system is designed to actively discourage doing that. (Running as root.) You should be able to log into the user account you set up during the reboot without issue.

    Most linux documentation assumes a rudimentary working knowledge of this.

    You're going to have to have some of the basic nomenclature and knowledge to be successful. I recommend spending a little time reading some of this, too.


    That should get you started learning a little bit about what's going on.

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