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[SOLVED] Nvidia kernel driver "Required key not available"
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    Nvidia kernel driver "Required key not available"

    Hopefully I can save someone some time.

    If you:

    modprobe nvidia

    and get:

    ERROR: could not insert 'nvidia': Required key not available

    This means you have secure boot turned on in your motherboard bios settings. If you want to use the nvidia driver, you will need to turn secure boot off.

    Have a good day.


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    ndarkduck Guest

    Re: Nvidia kernel driver "Required key not available"

    By any chance, in any near time could be possible to boot UEFI + propietary nvidia drivers?
    OK, there is a solution tested on FC18.
    Download bumblebee and bumblebee-nvidia (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Bumblebee)

    see how it fails with just the instructions (April 22, 2013). Remove the /etc/sysconfig/nvidia/*310.32run driver, download the 310.44.run in that directory

    Execute the failed bumblebee service
    systemctl bumblebee-nvidia start

    done! =)
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    Re: Nvidia kernel driver "Required key not available"

    ndarkduck, the issue that shawns has identified is not with EFI/UEFI; it's with Secure Boot. The latter is an optional feature of UEFI, and as shawns has said, it can be disabled while still booting in EFI mode.

    I'll add that it should be possible to sign the nvidia kernel driver with your own personal key, add that key to the Machine Owner Key (MOK) list, and then load the signed version of the driver while booted in Secure Boot mode. I've not tested this, though, so perhaps I'm mistaken and something would interfere with that plan.

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    Re: Nvidia kernel driver "Required key not available"

    Had this problem and found your post. Thank you for sharing your solution. :-)

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