F18 How to resolve yum file conflict.
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    Exclamation F18 How to resolve yum file conflict.

    This is really holding me up. I need to install zend-server-ce, however i'm having an issue that I cannot seem to get around.

    To narrow it down a little. Here's the specific issue.

    Downloading Packages:
    Running Transaction Check
    Running Transaction Test
    Transaction Check Error:
      file /usr/lib64 from install of liboci8-zend- conflicts with file from package filesystem-3.1-2.fc18.x86_64
    Error Summary
    The "Error Summary" contains nothing. Is there a way I can resolve this and get zend-ce installed? Where can I go from here? I've never dealt with a conflict like this.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

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    Re: F18 How to resolve yum file conflict.

    No, here's the specific issue:

    This rpm package was prepared by someone without adequate technical understanding of creating rpm packages. It is certainly not an official Fedora rpm package.

    The problem: This package is trying to "take ownership" of /usr/lib64, and thus everything installed into and under it. Well, /usr/lib64 is already owned by the Fedora package "filesystem", an essential and crucial OS package.

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    Re: F18 How to resolve yum file conflict.

    Some posts suggest that the error is a bug in the package. Others suggest this fix:

    Add the --replacefiles option to rpm, e.g:

    sudo rpm -i --replacefiles downloaded_file_name.rpm

    EDIT: Use at your own risk. It worked for another user, but YMMV.
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    Re: F18 How to resolve yum file conflict.

    you really don't want to be specifying the --replacefiles option, especially when the conflict is a part of the system filesystem. You could totally hose your entire install that way.

    It needs to be fixed in the package, not forcing a workaround and risking your system. Packages like that have no business trying to claim ownership (or change permissions) of system directories.

    One way around it would be to rebuild the package yourself. Grab the source rpm and rebuild it.

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