Regards folks, im a linux user, but im frusted with videos online ... im a musician and i love see clips, live version so, lets go to the trouble.

As we know, Adobe Flash Player stop to develop linux version, in some years this could be a issue or a solution, so i propos doesnt use Adobe Flash, never!

Ok, so the point is not use Adobe, so we need alternatives.

First i try use the free options.

In some cases, youtube cover the most codecs, but some like new video or bad codecs, doesnt worked, we could say its not the worst case, but worked reasonable well.

I have installed the follow packages:


These are orignals from fedora repos,
unfortunatly no h264 could be played in browser firefox 18

Now we will try something more hard like non-free alternatives:
We will set up the rpmfusion repositories:

See details on ht tp: //rpmfusion. org/

And then install the packages:

gstreamer-plugins-ugly.i686 :

For some reason rhythmbox search for gstreamer1-libav.i686 plugin so i installed too, but is a gstreamer 1 version.

This way, i can see more videos in youtube, some videos that was not disponible to play start to work.
Anyway no h264 signals.

Reading a forum i see the
yum install mozilla-vlc

This install the npapi-vlc

Well, some thing change in vimeo page, but player can't not start

Maybe some codec losted? Or maybe trace firefox routines and send to bugzilla, but i need study how trac firefox.

Alternatives? Gnash, maybe. Lightspark isnt a good solution because doesnt appear very quality.(in my experiences)

Another sugestion is use midori browser, worked in vimeo, but not in youtube jajajaja

Okey, buds, lets remember the question:
How we can use in a browser to see html5/h264/webm

Some tests: h ttp://streams. videolan.org/issues/ 5592/ Unplayable.mp4

Where are the information:

ht tps://fedoraproject. org/wiki/Flash
https:/ /www. videolan. org/developers/ x264.html
http:// www. phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NzU1MA