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    F18 documentation resources

    Hey, folks. Just thought this might be useful, given the big changes in F18. Here are some good references to have to hand wrt F18, particularly newUI and fedup:

    The classics

    * Release Notes
    * Common Bugs - has an entire section for anaconda, and is pretty extensive in general, really really really read this and use it as a reference


    * New Installer - has a general overview of newUI, a fairly detailed explanation of the storage workflow, and notes on several known, temporary limitations of newUI in F18 - shrink missing from guided partitioning, repo configuration restrictions, missing advanced storage, stuff like that
    * Installation Guide - has been more or less completely revised for newUI, is a really valuable guide to using it


    * Upgrading is now a sort of 'disambiguation page' for upgrade methods, useful for explaining to people when to use fedup (only for F17->F18), answering 'how do I upgrade from F16?' etc
    * FedUp-specific information and instructions

    Hope this is useful to y'all! If I come up with any others I'll add them here.
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