Tesla museum
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    Tesla museum

    Good chance that Tesla NY lab will be paved over by a retail developer...unless ...

    Anyway a good opportunity to read "The Oatmeal"



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    Re: Tesla museum

    I've been passing the site on the way to work this week, and, just noticed the available sign on the front gate (I think that was Monday). Wow, I thought, what a great opportunity, I wonder if ..... (Daydreaming, like I could come up with the cash to actually buy it.)

    Then I got to work and looked at my rss feeds and saw what someone was planning .... Arrrgh. (Pave paradise, put up a parking lot ... well, and a strip mall)

    Hopefully The Oatmeal will be able to pull the purchase off. I would love to finally go inside and see all the technology that Tesla left there. From the pictures I've seen, going inside would be an incredible experience.
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    Re: Tesla museum

    Rule: Never mess with the Internet.
    Corollary: Never mess with Matthew Inman.
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