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    Blueray burners. . . . are you using one?

    Just wondering if anyone is using a Blueray burner besides a DVD or CD burner on their system. I've got 2 DVD burners and would like to replace one of them for a Blueray burner just because they are equivalent to about 5 DVD disks in storage capacity. I've got tons of jpgs and 'raw' photo's that need to be saved and archived onto fewer disks. Is K3b Blueray capable program? Will I need additional software for any of the burners out there?

    Prices have come down considerably and I was looking either at a Liteon, Pioneer, or any other brand that is around $100.00 US.

    Thoughts, opinions or idea's?


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    Re: Blueray burners. . . . are you using one?

    i have DVD and BD burners on my system. K3b works pretty well for me writing BD disks. Can't recall off the top of my head which model BD burner I have though.
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    Re: Blueray burners. . . . are you using one?

    I grabbed a Pioneer BDR-206DBK about a month ago for US$65.00 on sale and it has worked fairly well in Fedora for me.

    From what I remember, k3b has supported bluray burning since version 2.0 a few years ago.

    I still use DVD quite a lot, though. Price of DVD media is about a quarter each, bluray 25's around a $1.50 each. Price per GB is a little cheaper using DVD, so I use it more unless I really need the larger media.

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