Given that Oracle seems to be growing increasingly hostile, it seems that it might be good to migrate off of VirtualBox to KVM/QEMU. However, I have some concerns.

VirtualBox (Oracle's version, not the OSE edition) supports USB devices and setting up a shared directory that I can use to share files between the host machine and the guest machines. Does a virtual machine under KVM/QEMU have that same capability?

Does sound work correctly with KVM/QEMU?
Does a Windows VM in KVM/QEMU support DirectX? (that is one area which has given me nothing but problems in VBox.)

There is only one of my virtual machines which I would like to migrate. The others are not as critical and I could recreate them. The one VM is a virtual Vista machine. The container is in .vmdk format.

How hard is it to do such a migration? Does anyone know of a guide for doing such things? I didn't see one in my searching.

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I will answer my own questions.

KVM/QEMU is not a viable substitute at this time for VBox.

I installed virtualization and tried it on a copy of the virtual machine (making sure I had a current backup )

While it appears to support USB, a shared directory for file exchange is not that straight-forward as it is in VBox.

Sound does not work. and video seems to be quite limited, moreso than in VBox.

Although I could tough it through and get it working for the basics, ultimately, it is too limited to use at the present time. Maybe after more development, but not now.