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    Re: Gnome3.6 Features

    I know a lot of people hate Gnome 3 but to be fair there's still a lot that absolutely love it, even though we may not see them around here.

    What Gnome 3/Shell does do particularly well is give you a no-frills (depending on your definition) easy to use set up out of the box. For example if I install Arch linux and I want to have a DE up and running quickly with almost everything setup, installing Gnome 3 would get me setup extremely quickly (I've done it before).

    But still for those who just cannot tolerate it, thankfully there is plenty of choices.
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    Re: Gnome3.6 Features

    Ain't gnomo hater, in fact what to install to give it a spin: gnomo-shell or gnomo3? i wanna the minimal install...
    I hate gtk...

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    Re: Gnome3.6 Features

    this thread could be Closed an sent to " The Dungeon " as Dan calls it

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