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    want to force KDE to refresh shell environment

    I've noticed that if I log into KDE4 and then change my .tcshrc file, that new shells don't reflect the new change. KDE is acting like it reads the .tcshrc file once at user login, then caches that somewhere and uses that environment for all future shell launches (I usually launch by right clicking the desktop and picking "konsole") even if the .tcshrc is edited later. I have to totally log out of KDE and then only then do new shells instances show the change. A manually workaround is to just type "source ~/.tcshrc" in the window but even that doesn't work if the change is to remove an environment var (the source command is only overwriting vars that match, orphan vars persist until you usually remove them with unsetenv), in that case I have to do "unsetenv FOO" if the var was "FOO". I'd prefer to just flush this KDE cache and make it reload.

    Is there a way to stop this (make KDE always read the env file) or at least make KDE reload the user's shell environment manually somehow (ie in my case my default shell is tcsh so I want KDE to reread ~/.tcshrc )
    Last edited by marko; 15th April 2012 at 07:38 PM. Reason: -e $home/.tcshrc didn't work after further tests

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