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    How to Force Gnome 3 ON, and Classic 2 OFF


    I've finished updates on Fedora 16. I'm runing an older thinkpad, and booting to Ubuntu 11.10 I can run Gnome3 fairly well, over 1GB of Ram.
    It fails to load in Fedora 16, it falls back to Gnome 2. I don't want the fall back.

    Is there a way to remove G2, or force G3?


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    Re: How to Force Gnome 3 ON, and Classic 2 OFF

    The usual reasons for it starting in fallback mode are: 1) You have a video card where the mesa dri driver is not installed or not working. (Look through /var/log/Xorg.0.log). 2) You have a video card that is blacklisted in gnome for having unfixable problems such as the intel i8xx series.

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