Im using wlan (wifi) connection at home to Internet. But I have Desktop PCs which doesnīt have Wifi card... Only laptops have...(So My Internet provider broadcast Internet via Wifi).

Now Im thinking to buildup the server and hire is my model:
Server will have Wlan(wifi)card.. This server will connect to Internet over wifi to my provider network (server will obtain IP and DNS from it.. It means dynamic IP obtain).
I need to share Internet connection (I donīt know how, make bridge or ? ) with my eth0 card. But On server will run DHCP server. So all LAN user (computers) will obtain IP from my server. And they will have connection to Internet.

Important is too, that I want firewall between wlan and eth0.

I know im bad writer, just look on pics.

Any ideas or manual? how to build it? Is this good model ? I want to run server on fedora.. But I thinking ins not Dependents on distribution.

Hire is My schema: