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    wireless connection issue

    Hi all,

    The issue I'm facing is I can not obtain any Internet access (browser or ssh) from my fc16 desktop.

    Previously, with this same system, I was able to access Internet.

    The only change I made was (its a dual boot system) I booted
    into Windows and updated with the service pack.

    When I retried to boot fc16, I can see I have a wireless connection to the router, but no internet. Also, I tried to access internet with the desktop's firewall disabled. But, this did not make any difference.

    What steps should I take to fix this?

    "internet" 14L, 547C

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    Re: wireless connection issue

    Have you tried to restart the router yet?
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    Re: wireless connection issue

    Yes, I did restart the router. BTW I can connect to internet thru the router if I use a cable instead of the wireless.

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    Re: wireless connection issue

    Hi Fedora Kernel-3.2.2 update killed nearly everyone's wireless connections. This is being fixed. Check you have the latest update installed (Kernel-3.2.6). If not, connect using your cable and install the latest update. This may well fix your wireless connection. It fixed mine.

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