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    Re: Comparison betwen different desktop environments

    I use Gnome3 regularly and Fvwm intermittently. Used cinnamon for a single day and liked it very much, it might topple Gnome3 as desktop someday. Also tried windowmaker once too, apparently many people use it here. Would love to know the reasons.

    Quote Originally Posted by sea
    Its not matching a 100%, but a WM is pretty close to a DE if you have installed the other software already, or love building scrom scratch.
    Anway: http://awesome.naquadah.org/
    I'd assume its target audience are intermediate linux users, geeks, and lua coders (if you understand lua, you'll love this)
    awesome WM after customizations becomes slow IMO.
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    Re: Comparison betwen different desktop environments

    Interesting read...

    I've tried all the major desktop environments, and the more popular window managers like fvwm, blackbox, fluxbox, and others...

    I found that I was too lazy to configure the window managers, I could do it, but I preferred to be doing other things with my PC. I also found that window managers had very little speed benefit when loading larger applications that used GTK, QT, & JAVA which most of the popular software in the repos are based off of... Lightweight apps go best with window managers, as the popular apps like firefox, chrome browser, libre office, etc... which are just too bulky & bloated were designed and compiled more for desktop environments.

    I preferred desktop environment over just a window manager out of convenience, so which do I pick? QT based like KDE bulkier and therefore slower, GTK has 2 major choices Gnome & XFCE (LXDE wasn't functional enough for my tastes), and sure there were other desktop environments out there, but the less mainstream a piece of software is, the less help, updates, support, and bug fixing it's going to get...

    So I chose to go Gnome 2 back in the day, because Gnome 2 & GTK were mainstream which had lots of updates and community support; most of my apps were GTK based to reduce system resources used. Gnome 2 was also had more features than XFCE, so I preferred Gnome 2.

    Then Gnome 3 happened... Most people hated Gnome 3 at the time, many reluctantly went to the next closest thing to Gnome 2 which was XFCE like I did. Eventually other alternatives came around and I chose to go to Mate desktop which is what I'm using today.

    It will be nice when Mate desktop and the remaining GTK2 apps move on to GTK3, then my system wont need two different GTK libs to run.

    We all have our preferences, and these were mine...

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    Re: Comparison betwen different desktop environments

    I started with gnome2, did not like the gnome3 at all, moved to try other DEs and when I used kde I never looked back.
    I tried some WMs like i3 and openbox out of curiosity, and liked them, but still a kde user.

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    Re: Comparison betwen different desktop environments

    I switched to Cinammon. While at the beginning I did not like it much (as I wrote it looks to similar to Win) after some customization and tweaking it's so much better.
    XFCE is still my favorite, however workspace management kinda sucks while Cinammon (and Gnome3) are the best ones in that imho.
    Fedora 24

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