Hello for everybody! I do not know if is here to talk about this thread, please forgiven me if i wrong.

I have a pc intel i5 4 GB, with fedora 16 64 bits, with KDE, everything is updated.
Well, my fedora is intalled in ext4 partition on internal disk 500GB, i have one another internal disk sata with 1TB NTFS, and one external disk 1TB (usb) NTFS.
when i use rsync inside of terminal, for backup all my files, with this command, rsync -rRtogPEX -u --update /media/internalDisk /media/externalDisk, if the file is very big, like more then 2 GB, the system does not give error, but begins to catch, most everything is stopped, least amarok, and after a few seconds it goes back to normal running tasks that should have happened, simple things like maximize or minimize a window. Beyond this problem is very annoying, it is very strange because it does not use 15% of processing in the machine.

(just for you to understand, is not a hardware problem, because i have another partition with windows 7 ultimate 64 bits original and updated, and this problem never happened)

Anybody can explain that, can be repaired? Thanks for your help!