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    "Ghost" laptop monitor with nettop running GMA 3150 graphics

    Hi all-

    Strange problem I'm running across here. I'm trying to set up a very basic system to run Fedora, it doesn't need much power or graphics, so a barebones Atom-based system seems like just the ticket. Only problem is, there's something weird with the on-chip GMA-3150 graphics, and this isn't just a Fedora driver issue, I'm seeing the same thing when running Windows on the hardware as well. I've duplicated this on a Zotac ZBox ID12 (dual core 1.8GHz D525 atom chip) and a Foxconn with the D425 single core 1.8GHz cpu.

    The problem is, the BIOS seems to think that the system has two displays (in the case of the Zotac, it did have HDMI and VGA outputs) but that the first display is a limited resolution laptop display. On the Zotac, no matter what I connected to the HDMI port, it was identified by the OS (Windows, Ubuntu, or Fedora) as "Laptop" with a fixed resolution set in the BIOS, with a maximum of 1366x768. No EDID information was read from the monitor, so the monitor's native resolution is ignored. On the VGA port, the connected monitor identifies correctly and runs at native resolution. With the Foxconn, the same thing appears to be happening, although there's no HDMI output, so I see two displays, the real one on the VGA port, and a "ghost" display on the "laptop" output.

    Worth noting is that the "laptop" display shows up red in the displays configuration, as if it's recognized to be not quite right.

    The existence of this bogus "laptop" display is not a huge problem if I can tell the OS to completely ignore it. The problem is, it shows up as a LVDS (think that's the acronym) display and sometimes the OS thinks that must be the primary display. Kinda hard to log into the system when the login screen is being displayed on a display that doesn't actually exist. Even if I can get logged in, windows might appear on that other display until I get it disabled in the Displays control.

    Can anyone offer a suggestion as to how to make the OS completely ignore that bogus "Laptop" display? Something other than getting a new system, although if I can't fix it, I'll probably be forced down that road.

    What's most frustrating to me is I've got years of linux experience, but it's all server based, and the only GUI problem I ever had to deal with was how quickly I could shut it off. Thrown into this desktop support arena, I'm a total n00b and am getting frustrated quick by an OS which usually shows me so much love.

    Any help anyone can offer would be really, really appreciated.

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    Re: "Ghost" laptop monitor with nettop running GMA 3150 graphics

    Okay, easiest way that I found was to do this:

    Under Windows 7, go to control panel, click to a classic view, as it makes it easier to find, Look for the Nvidia GMA Driver Button, open it up, and it will give you the option to change from dual to single monitor, removing the laptop crap that occurs naturally for the computer system.

    Under Fedora, I apologize, but i do not know. as I have had yet to test this machine using it.

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    Re: "Ghost" laptop monitor with nettop running GMA 3150 graphics

    Hi everyone!

    I've been having that trouble on ubuntu with the GMA3150.
    I've solved that adding "video=LVDS-1:d" at /etc/default/grub on the option GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT.


    I've had:
    Now I have:
    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash video=LVDS-1:d"

    Now doesn't appear laptop monitor on screen configuration options and it boot on the best resolution for my screen.

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