unpredictable "delete" "move to trash" or "cut" file menu option
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    Unhappy unpredictable "delete" "move to trash" or "cut" file menu option

    each time that i navigate and select one or multiple files the options "delete" "move to trash" or "cut" are randomly disabled to enabled i must go to other folder and only when return the options are available i use f14 x86_64 kde and have rw permissions on the partition the fstab entry for the partition is:
    /dev/sda13 /media/multm ntfs-3g defaults,noatime,gid=501,gmask=007 0 0

    i have tested in dolphin and konkeror with the same behavior, please help

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    Re: unpredictable "delete" "move to trash" or "cut" file menu option

    Moved to general support.

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