[SOLVED] unable to extract iso files
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    unable to extract iso files

    Hey guys I just want to start by informing everyone that I'm still pretty new to linux only been using it for about 2 months, and only been using fedora for about 1 week. I'm attempting to make a multiboot usb using the method found here http://jeysundar.blogspot.com/2009/0...usb-flash.html. Since I'm wanting the use ISO's that aren't supported It says to exact the files and do some other stuff, but I'm unable to extract files from the .iso. While using mint I found an option to "extract here" when right clicking on the .iso file, and this option is not here with fedora. Is there a way to enable it or is there another way to do it. Thanks in advance and I apologize for such a newbie question.

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    Re: unable to extract iso files

    archive mounter, program is default you should be able to do it , just right click and extract here , it works as you mentioned even on fedora.
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    Re: unable to extract iso files

    There are several packages in the Fedora repos that will allow you to do what you wish.

    Try installing isomaster or AcetoneISO and see if that gets what you need.

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    Re: unable to extract iso files

    Here is a link to the methode I have found that works well : http://www.dnmouse.org/autoten/fedor...ck-making.html

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    Re: unable to extract iso files

    -fedvasu -- I thought it should aswell but the extract here option is not there.

    -DBelton -- I'll try that right now and let you know what happens

    And thank you both for your quick reply

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    AcetoneISO works great exactly what I needed Thanks

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    Re: unable to extract iso files

    mount -o loop /path/to/image/file/imagefile.iso /path/to/mount/point

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    Re: unable to extract iso files

    WTF - use archive-mounter and then on the left-bar of Nautilus or on the 'place' list you'll see the volume.
    Just drag-n-drop the contents to extract.

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    You can also open with archive manage and then select 'extract'.

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    Re: unable to extract iso files

    Another way (using fuse) , install fuse and fuseiso packages, then do:
    fuseiso -p myiso filenameofiso.iso

    cp -a myiso/* path_to_destination_dir

    fusermount -u myiso
    Note, "myiso" just some made up name for my example, it doesn't matter what this is other than it shouldn't conflict
    with an existing directory. The "cp -a" copies all the files from "myiso" recursively and maintaining all the time and permissions information to the destination directory. path_to_destination_dir is another made up example name, just use what you want for that.

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