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    tox Guest

    Fedora17 Feature

    This May interest some


    wonder if they'll eventually get rid of Yum. and possibly use zypper like in OpenSuse

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    Re: Fedora17 Feature

    Well, zypper sound interesting but all I've seen in the bugzilla tells me that it isn't in the Fedora's plans. It isn't even packaged as of yet.

    From one of the recent package reviews:

    "libzypp currently doesn't find noarch and multiarch packages on Fedora, and upstream is being totally unresponsive on the issue, so I'm closing this for now."

    Besides that, there some other reviews open since 2008... So it seems that there is no real momentum to get this done.

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    tox Guest

    Re: Fedora17 Feature

    looks like this Feature has been refused. http://lists.fedoraproject.org/piper...er/158902.html i tend to agree with Kevin Kofler on this . reason why i do not use PackageSpit or wont

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