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    Bugzilla Question - enhancement requests?


    As someone in IT and having to deal with CM maintaining Trac and Remedy databases for ticketing and software reporting, I have a question about bugzilla's purpose.

    Are enhancement requests a viable bugzilla ticket? For example, the ALT-F2 run dialogue (which I have no idea what the actual package or name of it is so apologies for calling it a "run dialogue") should allow tab-completion since you have to know what you want to run, and I don't think that is an unreasonable request and a really good enhancement if not already available and I am just unaware of the plugin for the tool to allow that.

    Anyway - in general, are enhancement requests frowned upon on bugzilla, is there another place to request such things ... thanks
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    Re: Bugzilla Question - enhancement requests?

    I think feature requests are allowed in bugzilla, i don't know if they are heartily welcomed. i'm no IT guy , but have submitted a few bugs in bugzilla and seen a few feature requests there.

    bye the way,ALT+F2 feature enhancement is infact needed, good luck.
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    Re: Bugzilla Question - enhancement requests?

    I agree with fedvasu: feature requests should be (are) acceptable, but probably of a lower priority than actual bug fixes.

    Also, tab completion does somewhat work in the ALT+F2 "run dialog", but nowhere near as good as in a terminal.

    By the way, the file is part of gnome-shell & is in /usr/share/gnome-shell/js/ui/runDialog.js
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    Re: Bugzilla Question - enhancement requests?

    I've seen feature requests from time to time. Generally, they're dealt with politely, with either, That's a good idea, I'll try to get that in, or a polite, We're not going to do that because... and an explanation. (Or possibly a combination--that's a good idea, but we're not going to do it right now, but might later.)

    So, worth putting it in, IMHO.

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