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    Question F16 Login with Touchpad

    I noticed this with F15, and I had hoped that it would be able to read a general config or such in F16.

    If you have a Touchpad on a Laptop, most users, I assume, I may be wrong, use the "Tap as a Click" feature, but there dose not seem to be away to enable this for the Login screen.

    Not that I am so lazy that I cant click the button under the Touchpad, but that people are creatures of habit, and once you get use to "Tap to click" thats what you do as an instinct, then sit there puzzled as to why the "Tap-Click" did not take.

    So, short request, Can this be enabled somehow for the Login? I am quite sure that more then I would find it useful.

    (I did check the settings before hand for this, but a personal login setting wont apply to the general Login screen, you see, you have not logged in, and as such, it does not know your preferences [WAY To Much Big Bang Theory])

    (Anyway, I looked for a setting for this, and could not find one, I missed it some how?)

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    Re: F16 Login with Touchpad

    I think this may be what you are looking for http://jaisejames.wordpress.com/2011...dm3-fedora-16/
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