writing Farsi in LyX
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    Question writing Farsi in LyX

    I just installed LyX and it fails to give PDF output when I write in Persian (Farsi).
    I searched around but couldn't understand the guides bcos I'm an absolute beginner.
    Please tell me what should I do.

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    Re: writing Farsi in LyX

    Hi, akgma,

    I've done some searching but only found limited information. (I use straight LaTeX rather than LyX, so I'm not familiar with LyX firsthand). I installed LyX on my Fedora system today, as well as some Persian fonts, and experimented but I was unable to produce any PDF output in Persian.

    You have probably already seen the section of the LyX wiki on Farsi (http://wiki.lyx.org/Windows/Farsi) ... The problem is that it is Windows-centric, and it refers to the MiKTeX package arabi, which is not in the Fedora 14 repositories.

    There is a dedicated mailing list, lyx-users, which has a searchable archive on the Web. I searched using both the terms "Persian" and "Farsi" but did not see an immediate solution for you. The results are below:

    Information on the lyx-users mailing list

    Search results of lyx-users list, with term "persian"

    Search results of lyx-users list, with term "farsi"

    My best suggestion at this point is for you to subscribe to the lyx-users list and ask there. Hopefully someone knowledgeable will be able to point you towards a solution.

    I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help. I wish you good luck in finding the right configuration.
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    Re: writing Farsi in LyX

    Follow these steps, which work for me in F15 using LyX and TeX Live 2010:

    1. Start LyX, then in Tools --> Preferences go to Language Settings and select Language. Change Command start to \selectlanguage{arabic}, and change Language package to Custom, and enter \usepackage[farsi,arabic]{babel} in the provided textfield.

    2. Still in Tools --> Preferences, go to Output and select LaTeX, then change Use LaTeX font encoding to LAE,LFE in the provided textfield.

    3. Still in Tools --> Preferences, go to Editing and under Keyboard/Mouse check the Use keyboard map option and for First select farsi from the *.kmap files that are shown when hitting the Browse button.

    4. Hit the Save button in the Preferences window then restart LyX.

    5. Once you've re-opened LyX, open a new document then go to Document --> Settings, and under Document Class select article (Arabic) from the list..

    6. Still in Document --> Settings, go to Language and select Arabic (Arab TeX) as the Language, then change Encoding to Other and select Unicode (utf8) as the encoding, then select None for the Language package option.

    7. Hit the Apply button then close the Document Settings window

    8. Now enter text in your document (which should be going from right to left now), save the file as a LyX file, then select File --> Export --> PDF (pdflatex). You should get a PDF with Arabic in it.
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