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    Graphics distorted on HP hardware

    My desktop graphics gets from time to time totally distorted. Don't know if this is a hardware or software related problem, so I need somebody who can help find the root of the problem.

    Situation: (screenshot is attached)
    When things starts to go bad, I can move the mouse over any icon and the icon sort of changes its look - the graphics of the icon gets distorted in a strange way. The right part of the icons is moved to the further right and appears again on the left of the icon (some kind of offset).
    At the end of it all, everything is garbled up and the screen freezes, the mouse can be moved but I can not click on anything.
    Any copy job initiated before the incident is still going on "behind the scene" even if the screen is frozen. I eventually must turn the power off and restart. Sometimes the problem reappear immediately after a fresh reboot.
    Theory is that the PC is using some special memory space - maybe graphics memory space that cracks things up.
    Starting to many programs up while booting, can start the problem from start on.
    I can working all day without the problem, but mostly it happens when to many programs uses alot of memory (thats only my theory).

    HP hardware - HP Compaq dc 7900 Small Form Factor, Intel Quad Core 2, 4GB RAM
    At the moment F14, KDE4, dual monitors @ 1680x1050 (60 Hz refresh rate).
    Compiz (desktop effects) turned OFF.
    In VirtualBox I have a Windows XP running all day.
    The problem existed on same hardware in Fedora 11 , in F13 and now F14. All fresh installations.

    Does anybody have a clue what to look for? Graphics driver? Memory allocation?
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