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    Simple display of systemd service sequence

    What's the best way to get a list of the start order of services from systemd?
    Yes, I've tried
    systemctl --order
    This looks like the output I would expect, except that if that list is the system service start order, then my system is hosed. I certainly hope that my system is not starting nfs service before all the /usr/export filesystems are mounted.
    I tried
    systemd --test --system
    but that generates over 22 thousand lines of gibberish! I filtered that with
     systemd --test --system | grep -- -\> | grep Unit | grep -i service
    And it's less gibberish, but it's ALMOST the reverse order of the first command, and still pretty crazy.

    Ultimately, I need to discover, and fix the order of the services started by systemd, because they were mangled during the upgrade from Fedora 14
    I hope that "systemctl --order" is either not the real deal, or I'm reading it wrong. Because if it is, I'm afraid I have a huge problem to fix.

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    Re: Simple display of systemd service sequence

    From reading the man pages, your second try is the one you want. The Job XXX seems to indicate the order the units are started. Using --order just says to build the digraph with only before/after dependencies. Check out the dot section of the systemctl man page.

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    Re: Simple display of systemd service sequence

    Oh...Kay... from the man page of systemctl:
    dot  Generate textual dependency graph description in dot format for further processing with the GraphViz dot(1) tool. Use a command line like systemctl dot | dot -Tsvg > systemd.svg to generate a graphical dependency tree. Unless --order or --require is passed the generated graph will show both
               ordering and requirement dependencies
    I tried a few commands, got failures. Whatever.
    systemctl --order dot
    Generates 1655 lines of output as a response. Tomorrow, I will go through it all. But right now, it seems crystal that systemd should NOT be in any default "set" as an upgrade from a previous release Fedora. The system breaks, and fails multiple acceptability criteria.
    Over an hour of Googling, and two of reading the Wikkis, yields no answers for stabilizing a system to a coherent boot sequence when services were based on SysV.
    So here is an alert:
    DON"T Do It! Do NOT upgrade From Fedora 14 to Fedora 15!
    Just install a new system!

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