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    How I got Fedora 15 & Win 7 to dual boot on fakeRaid 0

    Hey, just thought id post my experiences to help anyone else having trouble.
    This may not work for you as your hardware is most likely be different to mine but here goes.

    MB Asus m4a78Pro
    edit: SB700 Chipset
    2x Seagate 500GB Sata HDDs configured to Raid 0 from the raid utility that appears after POST

    Windows 7 pro x64 (already installed)
    Fedora 15 x64

    What I did first.
    Ok so I already had Win7 installed on the fakeRaid, so I shrunk it to the size I wanted (120GB) and thought id be able to just throw Fedora on the free space behind it.
    So I went ahead with the fedora install, which partitioned my raid like so:

    Note: <start of HDD ---- end of HDD>
    <win7 100MB ntfs | win7 120GB | /boot 500GB ext4 | <lvm containing root + home etc 800GB (approx) ext4 | swap 8GB > >

    I also choose to put grub on the first partition, instead of the /boot partition.

    After rebooting at the prompt, my pc just loaded straight into window 7 without any sign of grub at all, and after some searching I came across this:

    Which pretty much says that the poster moved his /boot to the start of the raid.

    What I did next..
    I restarted the pc with a Ubuntu live dvd I had laying around and once ubuntu loaded I open gparted and deleted all the but the windows partitons, and moved my 120GB windows partition 500MB to the right (toward the end of the drive).
    Now im not sure if the fedora live dvd has gparted or other tools like it and dont really care, coz I know how to use gparted and knew that it was on the ubuntu dvd.
    Im also not sure if moving the 100MB windows partition to the right with the 120GB windows partition would have worked, it might, but this is what worked for me.

    <100MB win7 | 500MB free | 120GB Win7 | the rest free >

    I then restarted with the fedora install disc in and restarted the install process, and selected manually define partition scheme, and created a scheme as so:

    <win7 100MB ntfs | /boot 500MB | win7 120GB | <lvm containing root + home etc 800GB (approx) ext4 | swap 2GB > >

    (you may notice i decreased the swap size but that is irrelevant to the dual boot)

    I put grub on the first partition again, finished the install, rebooted and....

    It worked! Grub loaded, showed both Fedora and windows 7 and proceeded to boot into fedora where I finalized the install.

    Fix Windows 7 BCD..

    After rebooting and attempting to boot into Windows 7, i recieved a BCD error, which i assumed would happen after jumbiling the partitions.
    To fix this all i did was boot into the windows 7 install disc, go to 'Repair My Computer' and wait for it to do its scan. It then prompted something along the lines of 'Errors have been found with how windows starts, press restart to fix them'. So I pressed restart, waited for the reboot, selected windows 7 in the grub boot loader and to my suprise windows 7 booted and loaded.
    Windows then asked to run checkdisk which I let happen, rebooted again, and now here I am typing this post on the windows install.

    Hope that helps anyone else.
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