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    no sound in skype

    has anyone had any luck getting skype's audio to work in f15. in alpha i had no problems but after the beta release skype gives me "problem with audio playback" errors. if i choose a different audio device i don't get that error but i still can't hear anything.

    i tried running skype from the terminal to see if there were any error messages but it doesn't give any, i also tried briefly running skype as root and this didn't help.

    any ideas?
    Jeremy Boyd

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    Re: no sound in skype

    64bit? there are some 32bit-packages you have to install for skype sound to work. unfortunately, skype will install and run without complaining about missing packages, but sound won't work...

    maybe I can find out, which packages I'm talking about

    At first, check whether you have these packages in i686:

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    Re: no sound in skype

    thanks a lot, that just solved my problems!

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    Re: no sound in skype

    worked for me too. that's odd though. i made a script using ldd to see which libraries were needed and to install them and these were not part of the list.

    thx for the tips
    Jeremy Boyd

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