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    Foden Guest
    My only problem with using torrents is that uploading affects my downloading bandwidth :S

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    ask not what your torrent can do for you, but what you can do for your torrent

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    b!n42y Guest
    well it detected everything, i believe ntfs support is built in coz i didnt have to install an rpm, im also impressed how it setup 3d acc on my ati, although its about 30fps slower and i think im getting artifacts, however seeing how ati hastn released drivers for xorg 6.8 i think im gratefull.
    so far so good i guess

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    butre Guest

    Fedora core 3 probllems

    Here the english version of my post:

    I got the following problem on fedora core 3: I boot my computer and everything is ok, i can reach internet trough my lan, but if i log out and suddenly i log in again, i can only ping my network interface. Even if i restart the network with "service network restart" i do not solve the probllem, the only way is rebooting the machine. After that i installed fedora core 2 and i got the same problem.

    for italian people:

    Ciao, io ho un brutto problema con fc3.
    L'installzione andata a buon fine il problema che se faccio logout e poi mi loggo nuovamente, la sche da di rete non pinga + nulla a parte se stessa. Hop provato a reinstallare e anche a cambiare la scheda di rete ma nulla da fare. Qualcuno ne ha un'idea? o gli capitato il medesimo problema?
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    Butre, it would help if you could post in english.
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