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    Switching terminal screens from Mac keyboard

    Hi folks!

    I'm using a standard MacPro keyboard attached to an IBM/Lenovo desktop machine running Fedora 14 server (no GUI). For some reason Alt+F2 doesn't switch to another terminal screen. I think I've also tried al possible control keys combinations, but alas...

    Is there something to configure, or do I just have to stop being original and switch to 'normal' HP keyboard?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Switching terminal screens from Mac keyboard

    I know this is a little late, but in case somebody else has the same question ...

    Not sure if this will work for you, but it works for me.
    <option><fn><F4> Puts me on tty4.



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    Re: Switching terminal screens from Mac keyboard

    It is "ctrl-alt-fn", not "alt-fn".

    alt-fn should only work on the console itself - without a GUI.

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