I'm using:
Fedora 14 (updated)
KDE 4.5.5
KMail 1.13.6
KAddressBook 4.4.10
akonadi 1.4.1-2

Is anyone sending messages to distribution lists (or groups) via kmail?
I've followed the directions in the KAdressBook 4.4 guide, akonadi and nepomuk seem to be running all right, but no joy on creating distributions lists (they say they are now called "groups").

Every time I create a new group with a list of contacts in Kaddressbook, it sticks for some time and then all of a sudden it vanishes .
The old way of creating a dist. list in kmail, i. e., clicking on Save List... on the kmail message composer simply duplicates the contacts in the address book, but no list is created.
As instructed, I entered System Settings -> Personal Information -> Configure KDE Resources, checked all boxes (DefaultAddressBook and akonadi-resource), set akonadi as the Standard. Finally, I opened the Edit for akonadi and checked the Contacts and Distribution Lists boxes.

Nothing seems to be working. Seems to me that the integration between kmail and KAB/akonadi is not yet completed...

Anyone could give some additional hint?