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    F14 install issue


    having an issue installing F14 i368 DVD.

    verify the dvd is all ok. go through the meun options selecting defaults only. get to the page where you select type of install, i select use all the disk and check the view/mod partition option. from there it just searches for devices and freezes.

    have left it for an hour for good measure. downloaded the live disk and tried to install the desktop - same issue. for fun pulled out the old F12 DVD and it installs no problem. tried ubuntu 10.10, it installs no problem. thinking it might be the ISO, i downloaded the F14 DVD again, burn the ISO to a new DVD, verified it and still have the same issue!!

    a week or so earlier i actually had F14 on that machine, was trying a server setup and was a non issue, now for some reason i doesn't work.

    any ideas?


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    Re: F14 install issue

    No ideas on the cause but to get you sorted install the F12 then do preupgrade twice (to F13 then F14).
    May take a while but will get you working.

    Did you setup exactly the same partition and packages required in install?.

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    Re: F14 install issue

    The Fedora bug system has two bugs on file that might be similar to the problem you encountered...


    For one of them, the workaround is to do the installation with the basic video option:


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