Ahhh no fedora
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    earobinson111 Guest

    Ahhh no fedora

    well my bro had my computer over the weekend and he instaled windows, now i cant boot into fedora i have tryed reinstaling and updateing fedora but no such luch how do i get it so i can lode fedora or windows?


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    imdeemvp Guest
    epen terminal and type:/sbin/fdisk -l to see if you have your linux partitions...

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    earobinson111 Guest
    ya i do i used partition majic to check that they where there

    but now i cant boot to windows or fedora core

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    imdeemvp Guest
    i guess you will need to reinstall againg.

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    earobinson111 Guest
    ok but i tryed updateing and that dident fix it,

    so i have to reinstall no other way?

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    imdeemvp Guest
    see if you can gain root access

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    earobinson111 Guest
    what would i do with root access

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    imdeemvp Guest
    did you read it??

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    earobinson111 Guest
    i think so

    How to use Fedora Core 2 Rescue CD, to gain root user access?
    01) Read me:
    01a) General Notes
    01b) Only applies in True Console mode
    02) Insert Fedora Core 2 Rescue CD:
    02a) At boot menu, press "Enter" Key
    03) If you do not have Fedora Core 2 Rescue CD, insert Fedora Core 2 CD 1:
    03a) At boot menu type "linux rescue":
    03b) Press "Enter" Key
    04) Follow the instructions until you see the command prompt:
    04a) sh-2.05b#
    05) To mount existing linux installation:
    05a) sh-2.05b# chroot /mnt/sysimage
    06) You have root user access now
    07) Done!

    but it dont tell me how to fix my probeem

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    earobinson111 Guest
    when i type fdisk -l

    hda4 has a * beside it thats the windows im assuming if i get the start to hda1 (my boot partition) then it will work?

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    earobinson111 Guest
    when i type fdisk -l

    hda4 has a * beside it thats the windows im assuming if i get the start to hda1 (my boot partition) then it will work?

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    Have you tried nuking both oses and then putting them back on? Why did your bro install windows on your machine anyway?
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    imdeemvp Guest
    post your fdisk -l results

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    foolish Guest
    What you need to do is to reinstall grub on the master boot record.

    To do this, get into rescue mode. If you have the Fedora cds, boot them up and enter
    linux rescue
    when promted for options.

    When in rescue mode, do the following:
    grub-install /dev/hda
    This will hopefully reinstall grub in the master boot record, once grub is reinstalled, you should be able to boot.

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    I wouldn't reinstall grub, as long as you are not sure, that the Linux partition wasn't deleted!

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