Fakeraid Raid 0 Fedora 14 Installation, dualboot with Win7
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    Fakeraid Raid 0 Fedora 14 Installation, dualboot with Win7

    HW: 2 x 500GB SATA HDD, Intel Matrix raid chip
    Bios: set to Raid0 - therefore 1TB of space
    Windows 7 - installed no problem over fakeraid (700GB)

    I wanted to install Fedora 14 over the rest of the available space (300GB) and use Grub to choose the system to boot (dualboot).

    Fedora 14 problems: LiveCD (i386) had problems detecting the raid0. Solution is to add the kernel parameter when booting liveCD - noiswmd (press tab over Boot option, add noiswmd at the end, press enter). Now I can nicely work with raid0, my windows partitions are all recognised.

    Installator (anaconda) does everything as it should, including partitioning of remaining space on raid0. The option is chosen to write the grub boot loader to MBR of the raid0 and it goes through ok.
    After the reboot, there is no grub, it jumps directly to win7...
    I understand there are workarounds (separate non-fakeraid disk to boot), but I'm not interested in other workarounds but a fix. Has this been reported through bugzilla?

    I've read writing grub to fake raid0 is a trouble. Would Grub2 be a better choice then? Are there any problems similar to Grub Legacy?

    This is really annoying. Windows 7 just works... I'm really dissapointed that such a basic functionality does not work especially bearing in mind Fedora is supposed to be cutting edge. Fakeraids have been around forever now. It is as well not documented as known bugs on the fedora-project website either.

    Any comments/fixes?

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    Re: Fakeraid Raid 0 Fedora 14 Installation, dualboot with Win7

    Hi, i have exactly same problem with my system and FC14.

    My setup is almost same except i'm using nvidia fakeraid with one stripped array and one mirrored array. It feels like the grub doesn't boot at all and it is NT loader what boot off the windows. I can get grub4dos menu to the screen if i smash the esc key before windows splash screen show up, but i assume it is loaded by NTLDR.

    Update: I performed some research and i found following errors on program.log after the install:
    23:23:45,372 INFO program: grub> root (hd0,6)
    23:23:45,373 INFO program:
    23:23:45,373 INFO program: Error 18: Selected cylinder exceeds maximum supported by BIOS
    23:23:45,373 INFO program: grub> install --stage2=/boot/grub/stage2 /grub/stage1 d (hd0) /grub/stage2 p (hd0,6)/grub/grub.conf
    23:23:45,374 INFO program:
    23:23:45,374 INFO program: Error 12: Invalid device requested
    Then i realized that my boot partition is very end of the raid array (beyond 1Tb). After some quick googling the limitation for bootable partition might be 137GB! So i have to do revamp for my partition layout...
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    Re: Fakeraid Raid 0 Fedora 14 Installation, dualboot with Win7

    Solved! I moved /boot partition at the beginning of the mirrored array and now i can boot system from end of the stripped array. So i guess the problem was the 137GB boot partition position limitation by bios.

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