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    Evolution: Two Personal Contacts on "This Computer"

    Has anyone seen an issue in Evolution where in the contacts panel you get two "On this computer" entries, each having their own "Personal" address book?

    The folder layout looks like:

    On This Computer
    + Personal
    On This Computer
    + Personal

    The first one doesn't work, with the error message:


    "Unable to open address book"

    This address book cannot be opened. This either means that an incorrect URI was entered, or the server is unreachable.

    Detailed error message: Invalid source


    If at all possible, I would simply like to delete the first "Personal" address book and the first "On this computer" entry. All my contacts are in the second "Personal" address book in the second "On this computer" entry.

    This seems to have occurred as a a side-effect of exporting all of my evolution settings on a previous version of evolution (Fedora 10, maybe 11?) and importing them into the new version of evolution (Fedora 14). Other than that, I haven't used the system long enough to add any addresses manually.

    Thank you for you help, and let me know if you need any extra information (or if I need to ask somewhere else too).


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    Thumbs down Re: Evolution: Two Personal Contacts on "This Computer"

    Me too! I also have two "On this computer" calendars. When I create an appointment, it creates 2 entries if it doesn't crash on you first. It was also hanging up trying to reply to emails although this seems to resolved itself(??) after a reboot.

    This seems to have started after some recent update although none of them seems to be the Evolution components.
    $ rpm -qa|grep evolution | sort
    == // ==

    Although I've been using Evolution since FC1, I'm really getting a hate on for it. I have have recently given up on Evolution with the exchange connector in favour of Thunderbird with the Lightening plugin. Now this problem!!

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    Re: Evolution: Two Personal Contacts on "This Computer"

    You guys/gals should consider filing a bug report. That's how these thing get fixed.

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    Re: Evolution: Two Personal Contacts on "This Computer"

    Not necessary!
    I had the same problem. Then I found that the evolution shipped with F14 is not using the .evolution directory as standard anymore.
    Now all the files go to: .config .gconf/apps/evolution and .local
    In .local are your emails, calendars, addressbooks etc.
    If you delete your old .evolution directory, then the second addressbook will disappear from your list.

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    Re: Evolution: Two Personal Contacts on "This Computer"

    I also have the same problem: Two "Personal" folders in the contacts. I have deleted the .evolution folder (after doing "evolution --force-shutdown") but the two folders are still there.
    Any other idea of how to get rid of it?

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