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    How to install Fedora 14 64bit on Fakeraid withh W7 ?


    I am using now Archlinux and i want to change after many years to Fedora,
    but I cannot install it on my Pc because fakeraid.
    The Problem I want to save my /home partition on the raid.
    My Partitions under Archlinux looks like here:
    dini@Archlinux ~ $ df -h
    Dateisystem           Size  Used Avail Use% Eingehängt auf
    udev                   10M  296K  9,8M   3% /dev
                           20G   13G  6,5G  66% /
    none                  2,0G     0  2,0G   0% /dev/shm
                           69M   15M   51M  23% /boot
                          586G  427G  160G  73% /media/W7
                          320G  270G   34G  89% /home
    So what should i do to install Fedora and Save my /home and my W7 Paritions.
    On Archlinux i use dmraid.
    And with opensuse there is no problem to install but i want fedora.

    And sorry my english is not very good
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