Welcome to Fedora Weekly News Issue 247 for the week ending October 13, 2010. What follows are some highlights from this issue.
  • We have a shorter issue this week, as a number of our regular contributors are unusually occupied. Our issue kicks off with news from the Fedora Planet, with discussion of the new Fedora updates policy from several bloggers, Paul W. Frields new roles at Red Hat and the Fedora Project, and coverage of the latest Fedora Board meeting activities.
  • We also have a special virtualization feature in this week's issue, with much great content from Richard W.M. Jones.
  • In Translation team news, a variety of Fedora 14 work including tasks, Fedora website translation, and a call for volunteers to help with the Software Management Guide translation from Spanish into English.
  • In Design team news, discussion of ideas for a Fedora role-playing game, t-shirt design for students contributing to Fedora, and an update on Fedora 14 graphics tasks.
  • Our issue wraps up with security updates for Fedora 12, 13 and 14 released in the last week. Enjoy FWN 247!

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FWN Editorial Team: Pascal Calarco, Adam Williamson